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  • Secrets of Business Breakthrough

    This masterpiece, “Secrets of Business breakthrough” is simply unconventional, radical, transformative and result-oriented. It questions the status-quo in the business world.

    It is anchored on the principles of TECHNO-SUPERNATURAL business approach (A concept initiated by the author – Gabriel C. Onyekawa).

    It showcases business in relation to the Supernatural, blended with Technology.

    In this e-book, the author reveals that the Scriptures offer supernatural keys to business breakthrough that can unlock every door you need opened and keep you from failure.

    When you capture these principles, you put some powerful forces into motion. These forces supernaturally guide you on the road to business breakthrough.

    Hear this: “Business is all about building systems anchored on a Super-system. Until your business is connected to the Source of all systems, it will consistently lack resources…” a wise one added, “Your business is not failing because there is a slump in your nation’s economy, but because there’s a problem with your Covenant walk! Nobody with the rod of prosperity can be enslaved by poverty. It is impossible!”

    Notwithstanding, the vision behind the writing of this masterpiece is to unveil to you how to use Supernatural principles to dramatically transform your business.

    For those who wish to start their own businesses, this e-book will serve as a road map to success.

    You can’t remain the same after reading this book! Download This E-book Now And Say, “Bye-Bye!” to poverty and business failures!

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  • The Love That Speaks

    What you don’t treasure, you’ll trash. Many trash love because they don’t understand the mysteries of love. For how long will you keep suffering ‘heart-breaks’ in the name of love? For how long will you struggle to locate the right partner to marry? Why are some men and women cheating on their partner? THIS BOOK answers these questions and many more. It teaches you about love and relationships. It reveals the CONCEPT OF VIH. Read it! You’ll discover the CONCEPT OF VIH and how it affects your love and relationship.

    1,000.00 500.00
  • 24th Law Of Love

    “24th Law of Love” is purely Scriptural and it pictures the Biblical steps to finding a life partner, proposing to her (for the men) or rightly positioning yourself to be located and proposed to (for the ladies), and getting married thereafter. You can’t beat the mysteries inherent in this masterpiece.

    1,500.00 500.00
  • Study At Ease…How To Make Straight A’s In Any Examination Without Stress

    Have sat for exams and failed? Are you struggling to make it in your academic pursuit? Do you have an educational goal? Then, this e-book is for you!

    1,000.00 500.00
  • Customized Wealth

    Why Struggle To Make Money When This E-book Teaches You The SUREST and GUARANTEED WAY to making unending wealth? Download This E-Book And You’ll Be Glad You Did!

    1,000.00 500.00

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